Selim Buyukguner

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Selim Buyukguner



As an artist, I choose my subjects from a scale of the system of exploitation of politic’s identity which I approach by showing the domination of mankind through animal figures.

During the last few years of my career, I have been dealing with the subject of domination of humankind on environment. We can see particularly of this domination very well on animals. If we want to dominate “alive ones” we need to ignore and rebuild their identity. If you want to destroy this identity, you need to cut and change the position of pieces, so you can create the new one to dominate. If you can’t recognise the face; you can cut the eyes, even you can cook or eat it. If you will follow the same technic on human you can rebuild them, or even destroy.

This domination allows you to rebuild and design the world for man’s need. Even this need is about killing.

I am re-creating creatures which they are not animals anymore. This metaphorical build is the same with the domination way of humankind.

So screw human race, let’s fuck animals.